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April Newsletter

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2014 North American International Auto Show

Without a doubt, the high point of this year’s North American International Auto Show (Detroit, Michigan) was the world premiere of the all-new 2015 Ford F-150. Creating buzz about F-150 was just part of the show strategy to connect visitors to Ford. Show themes shared that Ford is a brand “for a person like me,” while also showcasing how we are the brand that caters to enthusiast drivers. In addition to showing off the full 2014 lineup, highlights of the Detroit show included:

  • North American Auto Show premiere of the all-new 2015 Mustang

  • A tribute to the history of Mustang including the original two-seater concept and a 1965 convertible

  • The Edge concept vehicle

  • Transit Connect display including a Hot Wheels® version courtesy of the 2013 SEMA show

  • Interactive demonstration of EcoBoost® engine benefits and the wide range of offerings across the showroom

  • Focus ST and Fiesta ST performance simulators that allowed two drivers to compete on a user-selected racetrack

  • Interactive displays of the full electrified vehicle lineup


All State Ford is providing you with the convenience of a Shuttle Service to and from the dealership while you are having your Service work done.

See your Service Advisor for Details


With the weather we have experienced this winter, we are all looking forward to Spring weather finally sticking around.  Here are some interesting facts:

1. If you stand at the equator on the first day of spring, you will see the sun pass directly over head. This is only true two times a year; the first day of spring and the first day of Autumn.

2. Popular Spring blooms include tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, iris, daisies, and lilies.

3. Often though the first bloom to be seen is a dandelion :) Dandelions first came from Asia, and now calls the entire world home. It can be used both as a food and a medicine and the seeds provide an important food to many small birds.

4. Common animals and insects associated with spring are: rabbits, eagles, frogs, hummingbirds, robins, deer, fox, bear, bees, butterflies, and ladybugs.

5. An area along the California and Oregon border between the Harbor-Brookings bench of Oregon and the Smith River area of California is often called the “Easter Lily Capital of the World” as it produces 95 percent of all bulbs grown in the world for the potted Easter lily market which is more than 11 million bulbs each year.

6. Baby birds learn to sing. Baby birds are born with the ability to sing, but they must learn the specific songs of their species. They are thought to acquire these songs between 10 to 60 days of age and begin to sing them the next spring when they have matured at about 300 days old.

7. Spring fever is real! Commonly occurring when a sudden warm spell follows a long cold period. When the temperature rises, there's a dilation or expansion of the blood vessels so that blood can be carried to the body surface where heat can be lost quickly. Some people experience an energetic feeling to this reaction.

8. Spring cleaning often accompanies spring fever. And with the warmer weather windows and doors can be open which allows ventilation for dusting and the fumes of cleaning products. It has been suggested that spring cleaning dates back to the Persian New Year where they practice "Khoneh Tekouni" which means "Shaking the house". Another possibility of the origin can be traced to the ancient Jewish of cleansing the home in anticipation of passover.

9. Seasonal allergies in the spring are a problem for 30-60 million in the U.S. alone. The culprits are often pollen, including tree pollen, and mold.

10. Fleas! become more active as it gets warmer and at the same time your pet is more interested in going outside. Spring time is a great time to make sure you have a defense plan.

11. Animals wake from hibernation and are seen more frequently. Animals that hibernate include: ground squirrels, hedgehogs, bears, bats, and even a bird; the Common Poorwill.

12. Birds fly back northward to settle and have their families. Approximately 1800 of the world's 10,000 bird species are long-distance migrants.

13. Butterflies begin to gather nectar from the first flowers of the season. See how to create a butterfly garden here: Butterfly Gardening

14. Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon. Which is close to the first Sunday after first full moon after Spring begins. And so the date Easter is celebrated can range from March 22 through April 25th.

15. Spring ends and summer starts around the 20/21st of June.

Did you leave town for Spring Break?

Your vehicle is ready to be treated well after a long, hard winter

Time for Spring Vehicle Maintenance


All State Ford offers FREE SYNC Training Classes After Hours for all customers who have purchased a vehicle with SYNC.

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Original Price

Reduced To

P3218 2010 Ford Focus $14900.00 $12480.00
P3219 2013 Ford Escape $26900.00 $21980.00
P3220 2011 Ford Escape $20800.00 $17480.00
P3248 2010 Ford Edge $20990.00 $17980.00
P3250 2008 Chevy Silverado $11900.00 $10580.00
P3252 2012 Ford Focus $15900.00 $13980.00
  P3256 2011 Ford Fusion $17900.00 $15880.00
P3259 2011 Ford Escape $18900.00 $16980.00
P3280 2012 Ford Escape $22900.00 $20980.00
P3281 2011 Ford Transit Connect $20900.00 $18980.00
P3282 2010 Chrysler Town & Country $19500.00 $16980.00
P3284 2013 Ford Escape $26500.00 $21980.00
P3285 2013 Ford Edge $30500.00 $28480.00
P3287 2008 Ford Explorer $19400.00 $16480.00
P3288 2008 Mercury Sable $12900.00 $11980.00
P3293 2010 Mercury Mariner $17900.00 $17480.00
P3303 2013 Ford F150 $32400.00 $30900.00
P3304 2008 Ford F150 $20900.00 $20400.00
P3307 2013 Ford Edge


$26980.00 $25980.00
P3312 2011 Ford Escape


$18380.00 $17980.00
P3329 2005 Ford E350 16ft Box $9900.00 $8980.00
T4163 2005 Ford E350 15ft Box $5900.00 $3980.00
T4204 2008 Ford F150 $18900.00 $16580.00
T4216 2011 Ford Fiesta $13400.00 $11480.00
T4225 2012 Ford Fusion $18400.00 $16980.00
T4228 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee $20900.00 $19480.00
T4261 2012 Nissan Sentra $16900.00 $14980.00


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